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Price comparison: Turkey 2013

With so many supermarkets in Turkey, shoppers do have a vast array of choice available to them without the hassle of having to be loyal to one chain. In a typical small town, such as Didim on the Aegean coast, you can find low-budget operators (Bim, A101, Dia) and middle of the range (Carrefour, Tesco-Kipa, Migros and Tansas). We shop at Migros, a typical supermarket similar to Tesco in the UK.

Migros is open between 9am and 10pm, and is a straightforward food shopping supermarket. It provides a loyalty card for special offers, but does not offer house insurance and the like. It occasionally stocks laptops and mobile phones.

Migros has ample free parking, doesn’t charge for carrier bags, but has not yet evolved the self-service checkouts that have become the norm in the UK.
Below are the typical prices of a weekly shop at Migros. The goods are Migros own brands unless stated.

* All conversions based on an exchange rate of 2.81TL/£1

Other costs
Other outgoings may include the following (most prices here are average or approximate – the prices in Turkey vary considerably depending on the region):


Money saving tips:
With water and council tax so cheap, they more than off-set the rise in electricity prices.

Much like the UK, for supermarkets, you can obtain loyalty cards where you can save money depending on the money spent.

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